Top 10 Best Minecraft Tips & Tricks For 2019

Minecraft PE was designed for curious minds. And these Minecraft pocket edition tips and tricks guide is made for them. To become the best in Minecraft PE, you have to learn basics, like how to build the biggest structures or make torches by mining coal.

1. The difference between survival mode and creative mode

This is probably the first question you are already asking yourself. How different these 2 modes are? Minecraft PE offers you an opportunity to choose between modes relying on your personal preferences.

In creative regime, there are no enemies, lots of supplies to create anything you want. Imagine Sims game in the Universe of blocks. All you have to show in the game, are your crafting skills.

Survival regime, in the meantime, is all about staying alive. There is nothing in your pockets at the beginning, and you will need to get even instruments and working tables. Look out! There are dozens of scary creatures that wait for you after sunset. So, this mode will tickle your nerves.

2. More about mysterious Seeds

You can see this section aside from the option of giving the name to your world at the beginning of your journey. It looks like while lots of gamers wonder what it is, few people actually know. It is packs of seeds which you can choose if you own special codes. Each pack matches to one particular world that can be charged with extreme cold or heat. This is a nice alternative for those who prefer an almost made model.

These codes can be found anywhere. Try some of them: Watergate,nyan, SkyBlock, Minecraftia, batman. Just copy their names and paste in a special section.

3. Beat more trees to save yourself

While it is all about surviving in this regime, according to minecraft pe tips, you may start with a simple thing to get like wood. It is a source of fire, which means protection from mobs that come at dusk, food, and so on. How to harvest wood? Go to the first tree you see and start punching it. Don’t stop no matter how silly you feel. After some time the wood block will fall down.

Don’t forget to gather your price. Just make sure you can destroy this tree entirely. Don’t worry, your character is capable of reaching the highest spots. It is a good start. Don’t skip trees if you can destroy them.

4. Why the working table is equally important for both modes?

Ok, so you destroyed a tree. What now? Minecraft pe tips and tricks suggest you to open the Craft option and build a Table. You will need a lot of different tools in the game. Tables in the game can be used multiple times. One table will be enough unless you decided to create such tables in every location you visit for convenience. Gather wooden planks at first and the option will appear in the menu by itself.

When the table is ready, make a wooden axe or some other tools. For example, pickaxe will help you with the stone better than your own fists. Gather the stone and bring it to the Table to make stone tools. They are good when it comes to coal mining.

5. Searching for coal – Survival mode

You will want to gather coal shortly after starting the game, so you need these minecraft pe mining tips. We already mentioned that pickaxe from stone makes harvesting easier. Coal sometimes is indicated by a flecked rock in the game. However, it is not the most reliable method.

By digging down at least five blocks in the stone with the pickaxe, you increase your chance to find coal up to 99.9 percent. Just start digging the ground. Further, in the game, you probably will not need to use such methods, as there will be mines.

6. Survival guide at the night: light up torches and find the shelter

Night in the game is a dangerous time. Monsters and mobs wake up and ready to hunt you down. On the first day at the game, it is hard to build a shelter. So, your best option so far is to make a hole in a stone and hid there. It can be 10 dips, just to spend the night.

Bring torches with you. The light will scare away your enemies. Stick few of them near the entry to the cave you are hiding in.

7. The deeper hole you dig, the harder to get out of it

This is always tricky with Minecraft. You just can’t stop your digging fever. Don’t get too excited, you still have to find your way out of it. Try to keep a few sticks close with you in any case. And the best option is having torches.

8. Build a nice home

After you get used to the game and already makes the progress in the harvesting of supplies, you may consider moving out from the cave. All you need is a home. Turn the wood into planks on your work table. Try different materials, including stones, to make your home more secure. You may switch into Creative regime and learn the best way to build the house of your dreams.

9. The Peaceful mode can deal with angry mobs

This mode can make your enemies softer. Open settings and push the slider of difficulty to the left. It will start the Peaceful option in the game and eliminate all the nasty creatures.

No one will bother your sleep anymore. And the best thing, you still will be in a Survival game. So trust these minecraft pe survival tips and tricks and take a nap.

10. Never leave items you may reuse behind

Many items in the game can be reusable. You have to make sure that you picked them up before you leave. You already know about reusable Crafting Table. You can bring it with you anywhere you want.

You can break the table by punching it. Pack it and take these pieces with you. When you need it, just collect the table back.