Top 10 Best Minecraft Tips & Tricks For 2019 Minecraft PE was designed for curious minds. And these Minecraft pocket edition tips and tricks guide is made for them. To become the best in Minecraft PE, you have to learn basics, like how to build the biggest structures or make torches by mining coal. 1. The difference between survival mode and creative mode This is probably the first question you are already asking yourself. How different these 2 modes are? Minecraft PE offers you an opportunity to choose between modes relying on your personal preferences. In creative regime, there are no enemies, lots of supplies to create anything you want. Imagine Sims game in the Universe of blocks. All you have to show in the game, are your crafting skills. Survival regime, in the meantime, is all about staying alive. There is nothing in your pockets at the beginning, and you will need to get even instruments and working tables. Look out! There are dozens of scary creatures that wait for you after sunset. So, this mode will tickle your nerves. 2. More about mysterious Seeds You can see this section aside from the option of giving the name to your world at the beginning of your journey. It looks like while lots of gamers wonder what it is, few people actually know. It is packs of seeds which you can choose if you own special codes. Each pack matches to one particular world that can be charged with extreme cold or heat. This is a nice alternative for those who prefer an almost made model. These codes can be found anywhere. Try some of them: Watergate,nyan, SkyBlock, Minecraftia, batman. Just copy their names and paste in a special section. 3. Beat more trees to save yourself While it is all about surviving in this regime, according to minecraft pe tips, you may start with a simple thing to get like wood. It is a source of fire, which means protection from mobs that come at dusk, food, and so on. How to harvest wood? Go to the first tree you see and start punching it. Don’t stop no matter how silly you feel. After some time the wood block will fall down. Don’t forget to gather your price. Just make sure you can destroy this tree entirely. Don’t worry, your character is capable of reaching the highest spots. It is a good start. Don’t skip trees if you can destroy them. 4. Why the working table is equally important for both modes? Ok, so you destroyed a tree. What now? Minecraft pe tips and tricks suggest you to open the Craft option and build a Table. You will need a lot of different tools in the game. Tables in the game can be used multiple times. One table will be enough unless you decided to create such tables in every location you visit for convenience. Gather wooden planks at first and the option will appear in the menu by itself. When the table is ready, make a wooden axe or some other tools. For example, pickaxe will help you with the stone better than your own fists. Gather the stone and bring it to the Table to make stone tools. They are good when it comes to coal mining. 5. Searching for coal – Survival mode You will want to gather coal shortly after starting the game, so you need these minecraft pe mining tips. We already mentioned that pickaxe from stone makes harvesting easier. Coal sometimes is indicated by a flecked rock in the game. However, it is not the most reliable method. By digging down at least five blocks in the stone with the pickaxe, you increase your chance to find coal up to 99.9 percent. Just start digging the ground. Further, in the game, you probably will not need to use such methods, as there will be mines. 6. Survival guide at the night: light up torches and find the shelter Night in the game is a dangerous time. Monsters and mobs wake up and ready to hunt you down. On the first day at the game, it is hard to build a shelter. So, your best option so far is to make a hole in a stone and hid there. It can be 10 dips, just to spend the night. Bring torches with you. The light will scare away your enemies. Stick few of them near the entry to the cave you are hiding in. 7. The deeper hole you dig, the harder to get out of it This is always tricky with Minecraft. You just can’t stop your digging fever. Don’t get too excited, you still have to find your way out of it. Try to keep a few sticks close with you in any case. And the best option is having torches. 8. Build a nice home After you get used to the game and already makes the progress in the harvesting of supplies, you may consider moving out from the cave. All you need is a home. Turn the wood into planks on your work table. Try different materials, including stones, to make your home more secure. You may switch into Creative regime and learn the best way to build the house of your dreams. 9. The Peaceful mode can deal with angry mobs This mode can make your enemies softer. Open settings and push the slider of difficulty to the left. It will start the Peaceful option in the game and eliminate all the nasty creatures. No one will bother your sleep anymore. And the best thing, you still will be in a Survival game. So trust these minecraft pe survival tips and tricks and take a nap. 10. Never leave items you may reuse behind Many items in the game can be reusable. You have to make sure that you picked them up before you leave. You already know about reusable Crafting Table. You can bring it with you anywhere you want. You can break the table by punching it. Pack it and take these pieces with you. When you need it, just collect the table back.   Continue Reading Minecraft: Pocket Edition Cheats and Console Commands - New List The mobile version of this famous game is similarly attractive and challenging as its console or desktop editions. There are numerous features hidden inside. One of them is to open Minecraft cheats to add diversity to the game. These cheats are available to all players who want to extend their options. Allow yourself to cheat There is no limitation for your fantasy. Especially, when it comes to enabling utilize commands. How can you do that? At first, open Survival mode on your mobile. Go to “Create New World” section in the settings of the game. Now just go down the list until you notice “Cheats” tag. Place the slider that you see under it to the right until it turns green. Easy, right? Another variant is to use an icon with a pencil on it. Tap on the “Worlds” options to your right. But remember, in Creative mode, this options is automatically On. Don’t make it harder. After releasing cheats, you will be notified that Xbox Live progress is turned off. It is permanently in this world, no matter of your decision to push everything to its previous state before the game begins. Re-enable or unable cheats in the menu Edit World, even when the world has been created. Enter specific commands To set different commands inside the mobile version is not harder than permitting Minecraft pe cheats. You may just tap on the “Chat” that is on the top of your screen, and reveal chat box. Now you can write commands there. While you are doing this, the game offers you a list of your possibilities automatically. To find more of them, use wikis. They may be helpful as well. Information that you will need with the list of minecraft commands All of these commands need to be clarified by gamers during the selector’s use. You may try some of them in a space of person’s nickname, and also remember to add the info if there is not one but several players: @p is for Player that is Near @a every player @r accidental player @e total number of entities Commands that require moving blocks need specified coordinates on the map for a territory you need to reach. Pick XYZ coordinates, when you are playing Minecraft: X – is for West/East location. Negative values move to the West, positive to the East. Y – is for Down/Up. Positive – up, negative – down. Z – is for North/South. Positive to South, negative means North. Give access to other players for cheats! In a Multiplayer option, you need to grant access for the running same commands to every participant. Use an /op direction which gives the gamer status of “Operator”. And if you decide to remove this status, pick /deop. Here are some options from minecraft pe cheats codes list that you going to love. /clear [player: target] [itemName: Item] [data: int] [maxCount: int] Use or to clear stuff from an inventory of gamer. Remember to point on the item while you are using it or all of them will be gone. The same goes for a player. If you don’t point out the nickname, person who uses the command may be affected. Data can be optional if there are various possibilities to choose from. /clone [replace|masked] [normal|force|move] It clones area at the map and copies to the chosen place. The command is ablecut the spot out the map. You can move the whole city and place it to another area on the map. Just check twice that you typed coordinates you wanted. /connect This one links the user to a server that was specified. It is one of the best minecraft pe command block creations. /difficulty You may choose the difficulty of the map with this combination. It may be fun. Also, on the Multiplayer, it works just till the server is started again. Peaceful regime is with no mobs, and hard with more destructive enemies. /effect [seconds: int] [amplifier: int] [true|false] Surprise other gamers with bad and good effects you can cast. So, you can help some of them with granting him/her with breathing under the water or use poison on them. Don’t forget to write the name of the gamer, and ID of the “present” you want to give. Set the time for each effect. /execute You may use it if you want to perform one of the minecraft commands pe in interests of another player. The command allows you to move other player’s character, and do different commands as well. Pick the character and put it into position. /fill [tileData: int] [outline|hollow|destroy|keep] Complete one part or the whole territory in the game with blocks. Choosing one area, be specific with coordinates. Be very specific. /gamemode [player: target] This one is extremely important in the game. Switching modes from Creative to Spectator, Survival, Adventure gives you so much more new options. And you don’t have to close down the game, once you want to learn how to build the house for Survival Regime or feel like you want to crush monsters in Creative regime. In Adventure will not be able to move blocks, while Spectator option just makes you invisible for everyone, allowing you to explore new lands. /give [amount: int] [data: int] [components: json] Grant your friend with an item. It does not have to be your friend, it can be you. Choose from 64 items in the game and type the command. You can receive more different items by constantly using this option. Don’t give more item than you can actually hold on yourself, as they would not be saved if it was not meant to be. Use it to help your friends. /help If you have forgotten or not sure what commands are available in Minecraft PE, call this command. It will reveal your options. /kill [target: target] This is not the way to be the kindest person on earth, but you can kill other gamers with it. If you are not so bloodthirsty, you can still use it to kill monsters or even items. Pay attention! While it is still in minecraft commands list, if you will not specify the target, it will kill you.   Continue Reading Minecraft: Pocket Edition - Easy Guide to Get Mobile Apk Minecraft PE is attractive in many ways: it is simply to download, light, creative and adventurous. The simplicity is what makes this game one of the best. Graphics are bright and not really complicated or detailed. Gameplay can be understandable even for a young child. All you have to do is building various things from blocks. News According to the latest news, developers of the game decided to stop making updates for ancient consoles like PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. This is the huge part of Minecraft history, the game that began its existence on these devices. Developers announced that there will be no updates for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. The latest and the last update is the version with bamboo, pandas, and cats. New editions will be made for Minecraft Java version for PC, Bedrock edition for Xbox One, Windows 10, Sony console, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Upcoming game’s update which is called Minecraft Village and Pillage will be available only for modern devices. Owners of old consoles can enjoy them as long as they are working or keep carefully wrapped hoping to sell it later in some fancy collections. Recently, developers announced that another version for PC Minecraft: Dungeons will also see the market in 2019. Price Minecraft’s Pocket Edition does not cost much. In Amazon, Google Play store price is $6.99 for PC or mobile devices. Minecraft pocket edition download can be free for android if you are willing to take risks by downloading from unfamiliar sources. There is also no license verification requirement and no need for activation. But you have at least to trust the source you download apk from. Basic requirements: The Android system starts with 4.0.3 and higher. To play the game you need to have at least 100 MB free. At least 512 MB RAM to open the game on Android. For Minecraft pocket edition online a fast internet connection is needed. If you don’t have it, switch to offline mode. Guide to the game on Android The installation on Android device is very quick and easy. All you need is apk file and Android system. If you up to Minecraft pocket edition free download full version, there must be no activation or key request. Follow these easy steps: Download file .apk on your device and start the installation by opening it Agree to accept required permissions for the game. Wait for a few seconds until you receive a message about successful installation. Open the game and begin to play. Minecraft for iOS This version supports up to 8-gamers multiplayer by Wi-Fi or through different hosted popular game servers. To download the game you need iOS 8.0. Version 0.14.3 and under that require iOS 6; 0.14.1 – iOS 5 and up; 0.7.2 – iOS 4.3.3 and higher. The first step is to go to the web site and click the download button. Wait. It does not have to scream about the process. It is downloading. Open the file, and it will ask for installation, agree. Now you can try your powers in the game. Windows Phone Options Minecraft pocket edition game has appeared on the platform Windows Phone. It works with all Windows Phone versions. It is similar to iOS or Android. It has the same modes, castles, stones, blocks, and mobs with creepy undead characters. To download it you need any type of WP, starting with those that have just 512 MB RAM. To run the game made for Android you will need to use software which is called Bluestacks first. Download it on the device, before you begin to download the game, and use it to open the game later. Kindle Fire and Minecraft PE Downloading Minecraft Pocket Edition on Fire OS can be more problematic than with any Android device, but still it is possible. You need to have either Android Device or at least account in Google. Download the game from any website you chose. Plug and connect Kindle Fire to the PC. Download the.apk file into the “downloads” directory of kindle fire the on computer. If you still don’t have AndroExplorer or another file explorer for kindle fire, install it. With this tool open folder “dir” and find “downloads”. Click on the file .apk to start the installation. Minecraft Pocket Edition is actually the compact mobile version of this indie action, which is popular since its release in the 2009 year. This edition has surviving and creativity modes. You can also play alone or with friends, downloading it or through Wi-Fi. Continue Reading