Unveiling Ways on How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft PE

Minecraft has turned out to be one of the most popular games in the world. This offers a virtual land where users can create their very own experiences and worlds by mainly utilizing building blocks. This is sometimes referred to as the sandbox game. Minecraft game is widely available on different platforms.

Another unique feature of Minecraft is its no rules game feature. This game does not come with sets of instructions and stated objectives, but the players can explore and build whatever it is that they want. This game is usually compared to Virtual Lego.

When talking about this game, numerous gamers are probably familiar with the Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft PE.

What is Saddle in Minecraft?

In Minecraft game, saddle pertains to an item that you can’t make with furnace or crafting table. Instead, you will look for and gather saddles in the game. Usually, a saddle is found within a chest in a dungeon or Nether Fortress.

These saddles are utilized for riding pigs, mules, and horses in the Minecraft game. Unlike the majority of things in this game, if you need saddles, you will not be able to make or craft one. You will instead need to find this. If you are well-equipped, you can easily find saddles in various chests nestled in temples and dungeons.

If you are loaded with loot and trading with the villagers for emeralds, this can net you saddle as trade offer. The avid fishers have minimal chance to hook a saddle. If you need saddle immediately, there are some cheats that you can use to provide a saddle in an instant.

The Supported Platforms

The saddle is commonly available in these given Minecraft versions:

  • Java Edition

  • Pocket Edition

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox 360

  • PS3 and PS4

  • Windows 10 Edition

  • Wii U

  • Education Edition

How to Make Saddle in Minecraft PE

  • Find Chest in Dungeon

Firstly, you will need to find a dungeon located underneath. The dungeons appear as the small room with monster spawner at the center of one or two chests and double chest at times packed with more valuable items. The floor and the walls of dungeons are made of moss stone and cobblestone.

You can find dungeon through digging underground or instantly switch to the Spector game mode and look for dungeon by flowing underground. You can switch back to Survival and Creative mode as soon as you have found dungeons.

As soon as you have found the dungeon, look within this dungeon for chest. Every chest will be comprised of different items. If you find the chest, you have to open and see what’s inside. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a saddle and other significant items.

  • Find Chest in Nether Fortress

In the Minecraft game, you can add saddle by going to Nether as well as finding Nether Fortress. This is usually found in Nether Biome. As soon as you found the Nether Fortress, take time to look for there might be a hidden chest in the Fortress.

  • Find Desert Temple

These structures show up in desert biome and floor of temple structure and will dependably be at Y: 64.  It, therefore, implies that the sanctuary or the temple might be incompletely or secured and covered by the sand.

Search for the blue clay block at the center point of the floor upon finding the temple. Uncovering this will reveal the mystery chamber that contains four chests. All of these chests have a 15% possibility of producing a saddle. However, this will go up to about 24% in 1.9. The figures imply that you'll be nearly ensured to make saddle from the 4 chests.

Be mindful of the TNT booby trap in case you drop to the secret or mystery chamber. Try not to drop anything first just to set-off the pressure plate, since all loot might explode. Breaking the pressure plate is essential in disarming the trap.

  • Search for the Village Black Smith

Villages and towns have genuinely high chances of bringing forth a blacksmith. This got a chest in their structure, and also, there’s a 16% chance to find a saddle inside.

  • Look on Abandoned Mineshafts and Jungle Temples

These two areas spawn chests that may contain the saddle yet your odds are just at around 15% for each of the two locations’ chests. Jungle temple got two chests protected by an assortment of booby traps, while the abandoned mineshafts might have numerous Minecart chests, but this depends upon the mineshaft size.

With all these information given, you are now perhaps more aware of many things connected to Minecraft game. This article also gives you clearer insights about Minecraft game, Minecraft saddle and how to make a saddle in Minecraft pocket edition.