Minecraft Pocket Edition Review 2019

Step By Step Guide Minecraft PE Survival Guide

There are many popular games across the globe. Despite the large number, Minecraft: Pocket Edition
has a special and unique place in people’s hearts. What is Minecraft: Pocket Edition? Good question.
One of the most leading games, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a high level of intensity and excitement.
While enthusiasts play, they can expect a fulfilling experience along the way.

What makes Minecraft: Pocket Edition a one-stop game is that it is available on every gaming system.
Compatibility issues will no longer be a headache. It is specifically designed for smartphones.

Developed to provide a unique adventure, Minecraft: Pocket Edition focuses on mining materials. More
than that, they require players to craft objects and build things. Because of that, people of all ages have
dedicated their hours to establish works of block art.

Survival Minecraft PE Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition can be a basic thing. But the truth is that it is difficult to play. This is
especially true for first timers. Surviving for the first couple of days, for example, can be a headache.

Worry no more! You have come to the right place! In this Minecraft Pocket Edition survival game guide,
you will know how to reach the top with the peace of mind. Keep reading for more information!

Begin With a Good Seed

There’s a range of seeds you could encounter while playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition. These can include
Canyon, I Like to Move It, and Cat to name a few. Experts suggest new players take advantage of
excellent seeds. Canyon and Cat have great opportunities for survival. However, they are tough to use.
Fortunately, you can learn them as time goes on. But take note that they have various ores, and they are
more important when it comes to selecting seeds. When you don’t know how to get started, seek
assistance from an experienced friend, relative, or colleague.

Working with Wood

Aside from choosing the right seed, wood is another basic resource you should gather to survive
Minecraft: Pocket Edition. For a beginner like you, working with wood is not as complicated as for
advanced players.

All you have to do is to find a tree and punch it with your hand. Then, what’s next? You have to collect
the logs. After that, make a crafting table to create more advanced items.

What will you do with the woods you collect? Make sure to turn them into planks although you need to
save a block for another time. Good storage can also be a key. With your crafting table, don’t forget to
make a stick. You could use it to make a wooden pickaxe.

Build a Durable Shelter

Another helpful Minecraft PE Survival mode guide is to build a shelter. How to have a sturdy one? All
you have to do is to go to the mountainside. As an excellent alternative, go to a rock face and make the
shelter of your choice.

Building a shelter can be easy. However, players do it the wrong way. Make sure it has a wooden floor.
But a block is more than enough. When is the right time to build your shelter? It’s best to establish it
while the sun is up. It’s because there are no monsters that may block your way. They usually come out
at night. So, be ready.

Use the Pickaxe Properly

Apart from the wood, you should collect at least 14 cobblestones. Then, you can add them to your
weaponry with a stone sword. That way, you can also create a stone pickaxe and other advanced items.
Also, remember to make a furnace. It’s the perfect place to burn planks with a wood block. Thus, you
can create a lump of coal with ease.

Know your Enemy

Surviving Minecraft: Pocket Edition can be a headache. Different types of monsters will give you a hard

The most common is the skeleton. It is a ranged character with a myriad of bows and arrows. The best
way to kill skeletons is to strike them with a sword at the back. But it’s easier said than done. You may
fail many times. But with constant practice, you will be a pro.

Next monster to deal with is the creeper. It is a green creature that blows up when near. To get rid of
the creepers, shoot them with a bow.

Another creature that’s troublesome to handle is the spider. While it stays hidden in its web, it can jump
to blocks. It can also appear at any time of the day.

When you have seen some while the sun is up, don’t worry! They cannot put your life in danger. They
are harmless, and can only attack at night.

Last but not least is the zombie. Compared to other monsters, they only use their fists when fighting.
Although they can be deadly, they are slow on their feet. That’s a great advantage on your part. Use
your sword to fight back. Remember to gain the upper hand.

You can Sleep Now

Before you sleep, check whether or not there are monsters nearby. To skip from night to day, tap on the
display. It also enables you to get the recommended hours of sleep.

If there are no monsters, tap on the bed and sleep for the evening.

To be certain that you don’t have any monsters, dig down 30 blocks. Then, move your bed to the area.
It’s also essential to have a route to the surface. This helps you avoid getting stuck in the underground.
There you have it! Playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition should not be as complicated as possible. With this
survival guide for Minecraft PE, you can reach the highest level. You can also survive although you are a
playing it for the first time.

When you fail, don’t lose hope. With constant practice, you can make your goals happen in no time.
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