Hey you! How do you do! Hello, dude!

You need high IQ to handle the cubes

And if you do, it doesn’t matter if you’re cool or a noob

Merci beaucoup for them cubes!


Like freestyling state of mind makes you combine words and rhyme, Minecraft does the same with elementary cubes. The game that unleashes your human ability to do our own Act of Creation doesn’t look so philosophical at the first time. It’s more like a kids’ cube toys. But essentially it’s the same: the cubic elements to build worlds of! Being the LEGO® of the virtual world, Minecraft may have even more cubes in its universe.

Once Randall Munroe seriously answered the question about what it would be if you make a periodic table of corresponding elements in cubes. That’s the only thing you cannot do both in real life and in Minecraft. The rest is possible with these cubic atoms!

  • Transform the terrain for your survival

  • Collaborate over landscapes and objects

  • Create elaborate cities or natural places

  • Record making-of videos or fly through the worlds you make

It’s hard to find a famous place, either real or fictional, that hasn’t been reproduced in Minecraft. These shared projects are still developed for the love of that art. It’s also become a common entertainment to recreate recognizable characters in M-cubes and spread these images as memes. Even those who have never played Minecraft recognize its visual style.

Now you can have Minecraft on your PCs, tablets and phones. Maybe soon your vacuum cleaners will press the dust into cubes, and coffee machines will do the same to coffee grounds. Minecraft becomes the way of life. So, if you like the game, you’ll probably want come material expression of your passion.

How about having it right beside your PC? If it’s your workplace, your tools should be right next to it. And having them Minecraft-branded is a most inspiring idea. So we’ve got something for you right here!