Minecraft: Pocket Edition

  • Developer: Mojang AB
  • Genre: Arcade, Action & Adventure
  • Version: 1.1
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Official information

Release Date August 16, 2011
Developer Mojang AB
Publisher Mojang
Genre Arcade, Action & Adventure
Language English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
System Android, iOS
Version 1.1


Minecraft: Pocket Edition - 24/7 in Heaven

If you have no access to PC or any Minecraft-friendly console, but still feel a climacteric need to roam the lands of blocky realm then hold your lamentations.

Your treasured game can be with you anywhere now - all you have to do is to download Minecraft: Pocket Edition - also known as Bedrock Edition - and enjoy building, mining, raiding, trolling and whatnot.

The mining paradise

At first glance, it's hard, almost impossible to spot a difference between classic Minecraft and its pocket evil twin version. But in this Minecraft: Pocket Edition review we'll share the results of our little investigation.

Once you begin your adventures in this game, it'll feel like your natural element. The same random worlds, consisting of the good old stones, dirt, sand, timber in the form of trees, etc. And you have the full freedom over those materials, just gather and rearrange them into whatever your imagination can come up with:

  • Blocky Lady Freedom made of TNT boxes.

  • Dirt castle surrounded with a lava moat.

  • Rapper Ice Cube's tribute monument sculpted from ice.

And so on and so forth.

It's worth mentioning that Minecraft PE has a cornucopia of add-ons and modes, just like its "elder brother":

  • Villagers Come Alive - villagers are more humanized.

  • Nuclear TNT - a nuke instead of dynamite.

  • JurassicCraft - introduces blocky dinosaurs to you.

  • Slendytubbies - you get eerie Slendytubbies characters.

  • Rainbow Lucky Blocks - almost the same as the Lucky Block mode.

And other quirky or useful thingies.

The two central modes are:

1) Survival - you've got nothing in the beginning. Gather stuff at day doing all the labor of chipping/delivering goodies manually. At first, it seems exhausting, but once you assemble all the materials into something finished, like a cozy hut, the pride and satisfaction will fill your soul with warmth. But as soon as the sun sets, be ready to protect yourself and your property from the ghoulish night monsters. Especially avoid narrow places where they can lurk in ambushes.

2) Creative - this mode will quench your thirst for ingenuity and the most spontaneous improvisations. With the unlimited supply of resources, you can architect the wildest structures. And what's better, adding a new element to it or redesigning doesn't have to be put off till you get home and access your PC. Just draw your gizmo out of the pocket, tap on the game's icon and be the Minecraft's own Leonardo Da Vinci. Also, you can fly in this mode.

Nevertheless, there must be the toll that the portability takes on the game. And this is why Pocket Edition feels smaller, more limited and restricted than regular Minecraft. Erecting the structures as big or wide as you want to isn't an option in this version of the game. And of course, it's a big bummer in comparison to the PC/console analogue.

Moreover, if you decide to take a long trip in one particular direction - your adventurous plans will be ruined by an invisible wall, behind which you can observe spooky nothingness. Naturally, it sabotages the original idea behind the Minecraft's multiplayer too. Cooperative playing, stripped of all the vastness and spaciousness, will rob the players of the creative leeway.

To compensate for the shortage of experimental space, developers offer some exclusive contents:

  • Texture Packs.

  • Extra Skins.

  • Mash-ups (Skyrim, Adventure Time, etc.)

  • World templates etc.

Platforms that support Minecraft: Pocket Edition include:

  • Android.

  • iOS.

  • Amazon Fire.

  • Windows 10.

Windows Mobile version of the game isn't maintained anymore.


As for the game's visuals - you will not tell a difference between Minecraft PE and its full-fledged sibling. In fact, the PE's graphics seem to be even more picturesque, vivid and vibrant, which is hard to explain.

The controls in Minecraft: Pocket Edition game do not fall behind either and can be praised for both responsiveness and cleverness. You have a joystick with the directional arrows and a considerable jump button right in the center.

When you're ready to mine some resources - tap and hold on the material you're after. As you do that, a circle appears showing your hard-work progress. At the moment you're done - a short, but energetic vibration from the phone congratulates you on the success.

Tips & tricks

1) Wood - In the Survival mode you need to procure some of it first. In case you don't know how - punch a tree repeatedly then collect what's left of it (a lumber block). You have to punch minimum four trees.

2) Crafting Table - it's the first thing you need to devise. It's necessary for producing a load of tools, and you can create it from the Craft Menu.

3) Night is dark - shelter and fire are your best allies during the first night. Dig a not too deep cave into a stone and protect its entryway with the torches.

4) Make Peace - if you can't compete with the mobs & monsters right now, go to the Settings and push the difficulty slider straight to the left to activate Peaceful regime. It will liberate you from the pesky ghouls.

5) PC Controls - If you desperately miss the classic PC controls, go to Settings -> Controls and choose Split Controls, which will imitate them the best it can.

6) Special Tactics - tap and hold the forward button - it will enable you to use the side strafe button. Slide your finger/tilt the screen towards them, and your maneuverability will greatly increase.

Worth replaying?

Sure it's a bridged version of the beloved blocky game. And so much cool stuff has been shamelessly edited out. But it captured the Minecraft's soul anyway, and you can always have it with you for both time-killing entertainment and some serious, thoughtful playing.



Minecraft: Pocket Edition despite its limitations, still stays the Minecraft we all know and cherish. And it's ready to supply you with the dosage of the game at any place and any time you need it.


  • Limited content
  • A bit lagging co-op
  • Not enough space for multiplayer


  • Portability
  • Amazing graphics
  • Exclusive extras
  • Creative mode
  • Cornucopia of add-ons
  • User-friendly controls
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